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Independent Science Programs for Youth (I-SPY) Fund

The Independent Science Programs for Youth (I-SPY) Fund provides grants to develop and carry out science-based extra-curricular programming for Nunavut youth.

Program Objectives

Xổ số miền bắc 60 ngàyThe I-SPY Fund aims to support initiatives that:

  • Engage Nunavut students in hands-on science learning opportunities
  • Generate an interest in science among students
  • Promote careers in science and technology
  • Highlight Nunavut-relevant examples of science research and projects taking place

Eligible Applicants

Eligibility for grants under this program is restricted to not-for-profit organizations, including:

  • societies registered under the Nunavut Societies Act;
  • not-for-profit corporations registered under the Canada Corporations Act;
  • registered charities;
  • student organizations with a Lottery Licence under the Lotteries Act; or
  • student organizations with the written support of a principal, municipal council, or district education authority.

You can apply by downloading and filling out this application form.

The I-SPY fund policy can be found on page 18 of the . 

The deadline for applications is March 31. 


For more information on applying for funding from this program please contact:

Anne Renee Angalik, Mining Awareness Coordinator
Phone: 867-857-3164
Toll Free: 1-888-975-5999
Fax: 867-857-2380


Contact Name: 
Mining Awareness Coordinator